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Visual reading and the Snowball of Understanding by Hyo Sang Shin

Visual Reading and the Snowball of Understanding is a book that gently introduces you to the method of visual (speed) reading.  The book’s engaging style, thought-provoking allusions to broader issues of learning, information processing and memory make it an interesting reading. Throughout the book, the author successfully encourages you – the reader – to challenge your stereotypes about reading speed and reading comprehension as being opposed to each other. The author arrives at the conclusion that as reading speed increases so does your understanding of the written text. The comparison between the  reading process and watching a movie is particularly interesting.

The book is in no way conclusive of many of its propositions or assumptions. However, the main merit of the book is that it challenges a deep-rooted stereotype that reading faster results in decreased understanding.  Read this book and discover for yourself the logic behind the visual reading method. Get inspired to learn how to read faster and understand better!


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