Knowledge Pen is proud to announce the signing of a contract with Jo Jung Rae, a prominent contemporary Korean author, to translate and publish Taebaek Mountain Range (in Korean:태백산맥) into both English and Russian.

First published in Korea in the mid-Eighties, Taebaek Mountain Range is probably one of the most significant novels in contemporary Korean literature, selling more than seven million copies in Korea alone. The novel is on the must-read list of every Korean – from highly acclaimed politicians to students and teenagers – and is a fascinating examination of the country’s recent turbulent and dramatic history.

It has since been translated into Japanese, French and Chinese languages, bringing Jo Jung Rae’s book to international attention. Yet despite its evergreen popularity, it has not been available to English and Russian speaking readership – until now.

Taebaek Mountain Range tells the story of Korea’s partition into North and South after its liberation from the Japanese occupation at the end of the Forties. This period of tremendous social and political upheaval has defined Korea’s destiny as a divided country. For Jo Jung Rae, understanding Korea’s past holds the key to the future – to resolving the ongoing confrontation between North and South Korea.

But his unflinching account of Korea’s history is no textbook. The epic tale spans nearly a decade, and is a story told in human terms.  Set against such a gripping backdrop, Taebaek Mountain Range is a real page-turner – a rollercoaster ride of struggle, conviction, passion, love and sorrow – and, ultimately, hope.

So few of us in the West know the details of Korea’s recent past, yet as the country takes its place on the world stage, what has happened there contains lessons for us all. Once translated, Taebaek Mountain Range will give a unique insider’s insight into the country’s troubled history, while also examining the universal issues of how ideological conviction and political beliefs have the power break even the closest ties, and create bonds between total strangers.

Here at Knowledge Pen, we are certain that Taebaek Mountain Range is set to enthrall English and Russian-speaking readers, just as it has already gripped millions worldwide. The English translation of the first volume of the novel is due to be completed by October 2012.